Square bottom paper bags – sos bags

Date: 08/01/2020
Project Type:
Square bottom paper bags without handle, also known as “SOS BAGS” or “AMERICAN BAGS”. They are in fact the classic paper bags for takeaway, hamburghers etc. They can be made with white or brown paper in weights ranging from 70 to 120 grams. From a minimum of 5,000 pieces, sizes on request and customized prints are possible, which make them suitable to be used also as promotional and gift bags. Made with papers suitable for food contact, they can also be laminated internally with polypropylene film, or even with BIODEGRADABLE film, thus becoming impermeable to oily foods etc. They can also be equipped with transparent windows, to see the internal content and in this case on small formats they are also very suitable for candies, chocolates, biscuits, etc.