Date: 19/07/2021
Project Type:
Paptic® is a new, one-of-a-kind material, where the main raw material is sustainably sourced wood fiber. It is a new generation packaging material, BIODEGRADABLE, and with characteristics of extreme tear resistance, and waterproof, which make it an excellent alternative to plastic. Paptic® has a soft and pleasant to the touch surface, and distinguishes the brands that adopt it from the competition. With Paptic® it is possible to replace significant quantities of plastic in numerous fields of application in packaging, using this innovative material to make, for example, shopping bags, polybags, e-commerce bags, and for the packaging of products in various sectors, such as for example that of fashion. Paptic Ltd was founded in 2015 in Finland to address one of the biggest global environmental challenges, plastic waste that accumulates in the environment.
Paptic's mission is to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic films, providing industries and companies with a material that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and attractive. By offering products that help our world survive, Paptic wants to make lasting change possible for all consumers and businesses.

We at EUROPAC1 s.r.l. we immediately investigated the subject and started using The product for the supply of envelopes with adhesive flaps for gift wrapping or e-commerce, shopping bags and square bottom bags, printed with customizations on request.