E-Commerce bags

Date: 12/01/2020
Project Type:
With the explosion of online commerce, these envelopes satisfy the need to customize the shipping packaging as well.
The paper type is made with extra strong kraft papers that ensure a total hold and protection of the content up to its destination, and represent a completely biodegradable product. They can be equipped with double adhesive for closure, in order to be used for any product return.
These envelopes can be personalized with digital printing also for small quantities, starting from 500 pcs. ,on sizes:
while starting from a minimum of 5.000 pcs. there are more possibilities for customization including hot foil printing, relief, sizes on demand, etc..
Alternatively produced in plastic with greater flexibility on the minimum quantity.
In fact, with the plastic version starting from 5000 pieces, an impressive variety of customizations can be made, in formats, in printing, in the thickness of the material available from my 30 to my 70 and in different colors, with the possibility of applying windows document holders, and even serial prints both as numbers and in barcode sequences !