Plastic Envelopes News

After a long legislative process finally entered into force in Italy the legislation governing the use of plastic bags with consequent release of fines if not respected. UNI EN 13432 says that the traditional plastic bags can be used : “Which have an external handle to the useful size of the bag and a thickness exceeding 200 microns if intended for use with food and 100 microns if intended for other uses, for reusable made with other polymers which have internal handle to the useful size of the bag and a thickness exceeding 100 microns if intended for use with food and 60 microns if intended for other uses ” Our bags with punched handle bean or flat handle type flexiloop are precisely made with these materials depending on the destination. In this way our bags ensure adequate resistance that allows reuse several times over time, such playing more profitably their function of advertising vehicle and at the same time taking into account the need to environmental impact reduction in the consumption of packaging precisely because more times reusable.

Our position is simple:

We believe that the care and respect for the environment first pass through simple daily acts. We also think that at the moment there is no enough scientific and technical information to promote a total passage to biodegradable plastics already widely used. For example, it’s still not clear where all the raw materials for the production of biodegradable plastics could come from ,if necessary to replace in total the conventional polymers for the bags production.Using mainly corn starch or other vegetable starches a massive increase in the use of Biodegradable plastics could even cause a shortage of raw materials, rising prices of food products. In conclusion we believe that using a plastic bag can reduce the environmental impact of packaging especially if the bag is strong enough to be reused more times, and easily recyclable.